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About Ordo ad Chao


BfA hit! What do we offer?
Complaining! Bad humour! Retarded mistakes in dungeons! Wiping your raid just to make a point! More complaining! Fucking with your guildies!
Does this sound like you? Then you're a twat! You'll fit right in.
Apply to OAC! or just poke any of us in-game.  

The guild

Ordo ad Chao is an English speaking World of Warcraft guild on Shadowsong Europe. We see ourselves as people who don't take the game (or ourselves) too seriously, while still focussing on quality normal and heroic raids. We have no plans to run mythics now or later.
Guild invites are based mainly on the person behind the toon, not your gear or spec. We have a great atmosphere in guild and we will keep it that way.
Having said that, gear will be a deciding factor with invites - the correct enchants, gems etc. But if you are lacking one or two items for the latest raid instance it isn't necessarily an issue. Just do effort and pull your weight. Apply anyway if you are interested and we can help out if needed :)
As well as raiding we do a lot of heroics together. Tend not to do much PvP, if any... I would personally probably enjoy it more if i wasn't so bloody useless at it :P
If you are interested in applying, follow this link. The trial membership lasts for however long it takes to make sure you are right for the guild as well as giving you the opportunity to make sure the guild is right for you.
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